Hybrid City System emerging intersection of mobile computers, media technology, networks and sensors.

Situated Technologies, Pervasive Media, Hybrid City, Urban Computing, Soft City.

by Fran Castillo. architect&interaction designer
November 19th
10:01 AM

The Hybrid City as an Interface

The Hybrid City as an Interface [Yasmin] discussion will attempt to approach a series of issues relating to the emergence of these phenomena and will mainly focus on the following topics:

/User generated maps & collective cartographies: issues of appropriation and expropriation

/The internet and the metropolis: similarities between the virtual space and the real space as factories of knowledge and information

/The city as a gamespace: tracing the playful features of the new modes of interactivity and participation

/Psychogeographies & the contemporary city: discussing the wide use of a 60s situationist notion for the definition of digital city interventions and applications

/Whose city exactly? Reconsidering spatial production processes through ludic, user inter-actions within the urban context

/Which side are you on (on the threshold)? Outlining the relations between the virtual and physical experience of the city, as well as the new social dynamics of this hybrid urban context for everyday life.


Url: http://turbulence.org/blog/2010/07/15/yasmin-the-hybrid-city-as-an-interface/